Studio recording is what Peak is all about.  We have everything an artist or band needs-just show up with your instruments and amps, your music, and the desire to lay down some great tracks, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Numerous audio books have been recorded here at Peak. Most often we do the recording and then upload the files to the publisher for post-production, but we’ve also done some audio books where we’ve handled the whole production from start to finish.

In recent years, podcasts have become a bigger thing, and we’ve done both the recording and the post-production for podcasts here.

Peak also does location recording. Please contact us for details.

Audio mastering. To be honest, we’d prefer you get your project mastered at one of the big mastering houses.  They’re specialists and do great work, but if your project budget is an issue, we can handle it here, and it’ll cost a whole lot less.

Peak does a considerable amount of voice recording for radio and TV and, increasingly, web use, like podcasts.

Commercial production?  We’ve got you covered.  Hundreds of radio spots have been produced at Peak, including several award-winners.  We have  music and sound effects libraries that can add the perfect touch to your radio commercial.

With our phone patch and Zoom capability, we can connect to virtually anywhere in the world.  It’s not unusual for us to have an author in one day connecting to New York, and a film actor the following day linked up with Los Angeles.

Peak has hosted ADR sessions for feature films such as “First Daughter” and “Parkland”, and TV shows like “NCIS”, “Damages” and “Law & Order SVU”.  We’ve also mixed soundtracks for many TV shows and short films.

Although it’s a format that is fast disappearing, Peak can handle short-run CD duplication.  We print directly on the discs and can handle simple packaging options.

And if you’ve got old reel-to-reel tapes, cassettes, or vinyl to transfer to a more modern format, we can do that, too.  We do straight transfers, and we also do audio restoration, which can clean up an amazing amount of the tape hiss and surface noise (clicks and pops) on these old formats.  Audio restoration can also come in handy when dealing with problem audio, no matter how old or new.

Finally, we also do studio consulting and design.  If you’re going to construct a home studio, you might as well do it right, and we can help you do just that, ultimately saving you time and money.

Need help with an audio project that hasn’t been mentioned here?  Just ask!

our clients say…

“Peak Recording is a wonderfully professional sound studio tucked away on a side street in Bozeman, Montana. When a show such as Radiolab or Weekend Edition comes calling, I rely on Gil Stober of Peak to channel my voice to the wider world. We have fun and he gets the job done.”

– David Quammen, author

“Whether it’s doing ADR for the CBS TV show “NCIS” or connecting to London using ISDN for a live voice-over, Peak Recording does the job and does it right. And I didn’t have to get on a plane and go to L.A. Well-equipped, professional, great atmosphere-what more could you want?”

– William Devane, actor

Peak Recording is woven into the fabric of Montana’s music scene, past and present. So many projects have come out of that facility and so many good stories, it is a part of every conversation where Bozeman musicians’ adventures are recapped. I’d love a recording of Gil saying “OK, we’re rolling.”

– Craig Hall, guitarist