"Peak Recording is the place to make a piano recording in Montana. Gil has everything you need: an excellent piano and top-of-the-line recording gear coupled with his knowledge, experience, and sensitivity to do it right."

- David Morgenroth, pianist


"It was a pleasure recording with Gil at Peak Recording. Having a good piano is essential for us and Peak filled the bill. I was very pleased with the quality of the vocal recording and Gil's sensitivity to making the sessions as tension free as possible. I think we got some great sound from Gil and his well equipped studio."

- MJ Williams, vocal & trombone


Working with Peak Recording was a very positive experience. The knowledge, professionalism, flexibility, and willingness to have fun made recording a wonderful experience. We even recorded an old pipe organ on location and it was very well done. I would highly recommend using Peak Recording.

- Deb Smit, pianist


I've had the pleasure of recording both vocal and piano with Gil at Peak Recording. There are not enough superlatives to describe what a positive experience it is each time. The end result is always a quality product, and Gil makes it a pleasant and stress-free experience. The piano in his studio is a joy to play, having a most beautiful tone and touch, and he keeps it in perfect condition. Gil's skill and professionalism help me feel confident; and his calm, friendly, patient and caring qualities put me at ease. Gil's ear for the slightest inaccuracy is amazing, as is his diplomatic way of pointing it out; i.e., "we might want to give that measure a listen...." I appreciate that Gil is a perfectionist, but he's flexible, as well. He's just the best!

- Nita Smith, pianist

Peak Recording is the home of a wonderful Yamaha C6 6'11” grand piano.

This piano has beautiful tone and feel.  Many of our piano-playing clients and musicians fall in love with it.

We've used it for jazz, classical, rock, country- it's the perfect complement for all genres of music.

A great piano deserves great mics and pre-amps when it's recorded, and Peak does not disappoint!  Neumann and Peluso mics, Grace and Vintech pre-amps, a good, acoustically-treated room, and of course, our C6, and you've got a superlative piano sound. 

Here's Bill Payne, veteran of thousands of recording sessions, and a founding member and the keyboard wizard of the legendary band, Little Feat, talking about a piano overdub session:

“I recently spent some time at Peak Recording in Bozeman. I was there to record piano tracks for my friend Mike Devine. Mike wanted a real piano and we were rewarded with just that: a Yamaha C6 (just under 7' at 6'11"). I was well pleased with how the piano sounded, the feel of it, and given the variety of music I performed that afternoon, the instrument was perfect, from rock and roll to atmospheric soundscapes.


What I found at Peak Recording was a professional attention to making sure I was comfortable, informed of what we were doing at any time; and most importantly, when in the act of recording, the engineer was invisible. That is the highest compliment I can give anyone on the other side of the glass. The environment was totally conducive to performance.


I applaud Gil Stober, his studio, the wonderful piano, and his attention to detail, making my brief time there entirely enjoyable. He's been doing this kind of work a long time. That was more than evident.”

Thanks, Bill!

There's just nothing like a real piano for the feel, the sound, and the emotional impact it can have.  Yes, a synthesizer or sampler is easier, cheaper, and takes up a whole lot less space, but it just isn't real.

A real piano also allows for near infinite possibilities with micing to achieve different sounds.  While many types of music call for close-micing the piano, some, such as classical, call for a more distant pick-up.  With a good room, a beautiful piano, and first-class mics and pres, getting a great piano sound, however you like it, is what we do at Peak.